Ingredient spotlight: Prickly Pear Seed Oil


There are many reasons why the prickly pear seed oil is nothing short of a miracle ingredient! Even more remarkable is the process of extracting it. It is extremely labor intensive as most of the work is done by hand. First, the fruit is picked by hand, using gloves of course to protect from the thorns. The fruit is then opened up, the seeds separated and cold-pressed to extract the oils. It takes 1 ton of prickly pear fruit to produce 1 litre if oil, making it one of the most costly and laborious oil to obtain. 
With its high levels of vitamin E (more than any other oil), natural Linoleic acid and vitamin K, the power of the prickly pear can work its magic on any type of skin. Vitamin E is a powerful asset in skin repair, preventing damage to collagen, dryness and wrinkles while Linoleic acid is effective at plumping up and firming the skin. Vitamin K acts as a finishing touch, minimising scars and promoting a healthy under-eye area.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines
Helps prevent premature wrinkle formation 
Brightens dark under-eye area 
Calms & soothes redness and irritated skin 
Evens skin tone 
Reduces acne inflammation and decreases oil production 
Prickly pear.fect serum